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Kulture Klash Episode 6 : Cryrese Williams

In this episode, we were asking ourselves is Wendy Willams a Robot? Is Tyrese crying on instagram to promote his album? (Cryrese) Is he really broke? Why does social media take every as a joke?(especially 50 Cent) 50 has posted two videos this week. Can you guess who's playing the leading roles?

Kulture Klash Episode 5: Cardi B Said Yes, Motor Sport Was A Setup? (Migos)

In this Episode of The Kulture Klash Podcast, we talk about Cardi B getting engaged to Offset,
 Motor Sport single By Migos is a setup to take Nicki Minaj out of the game?
Live Performances and more!
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Kulture Klash Podcast Episode 4: Cash Rules..

In this episode of kulture klash, we talk about money and how its the root of all evil. Are those right rappers are helping their communities and giving back? What would we do if we had a million dollar.

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